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BECG Brutaleers raise over £370 for The Brain Tumour Charity

A team of four Brutaleers from BECG took on the Brutal 5km trail race at Eelmoor in Farnborough on Saturday 26th January, in support of the Brain Tumour Charity and raised over £370.

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A Brutal start to 2019 fundraising

On 26th January, four courageous members of the BECG team will take on the challenge of the Brutal 5k trail run to raise funds for The Brain Tumour Charity, one of BECG's chosen charity partners.

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Tackling mental health challenges in the construction industry

For many, Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year - is now recognised to be nothing more than a PR stunt.

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GMSF: It’s about the politics, stupid

On Friday 11 January, Greater Manchester’s leaders will agree to kick-off an eight-week consultation on the new GMSF, which is likely to start on 21 January and end around 18 March 2019.

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Gigabit capability and broadband speed in the UK

Being online and staying connected is an integral part of modern society. Research suggests that the average person spends around two hours a day on their phone and in a normal week, spends 18 hours online – whether that’s shopping, gaming or using social media.

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