Letwin's letter: Alarm bells should be ringing

Somewhat ironically, the independent review looking into claims of delays in new house building rates is itself running late. Joking aside, the content of Oliver Letwin’s letter should be a cause for concern.

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Unlocking the South West: Projects set to benefit from UK Government housing funding

Last week the UK Government announced a consultation to overhaul the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). During Theresa May’s speech, announcing these changes, she referenced the success of several new initiatives including the £5 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF), which made its...

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The NPPF Blame Game

The Government has faced criticism for its proposed NPPF revisions seemingly placing the blame for the housing crisis on local councils.

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Is the Prime Minister a YIMBY or a NIMBY? After yesterday’s speech announcing the new NPPF it is hard to tell.

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Why can’t UK infrastructure cope with snow?

This week has seen both the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma batter much of the UK with severe snow and strong winds, leading to ‘feels like’ temperatures hitting -15 degrees in many parts of the country. Most of the UK has received only a few inches of snow and yet many transport networks...

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