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WinGS - Women in Great Spaces

Support, empower, connect. This was the theme of BECG’s inaugural event for its new women’s steering group, ‘Women in Great Spaces’ (WinGS); a group for all the women at BECG to come together and inspire and support each other.

Led by BECG’s non-Executive Director, Rachel Bell, there wasn’t a more appropriate woman to dispel her years of wisdom on to a group of passionate women at BECG. This wasn’t about creating a group against men or having an aggressive feminist agenda where women should only be high-flying career women. Whilst this was encouraged, the main point was being able to pursue the route in your life that was most comfortable for you.  It was about allowing women to open up and share their experiences of being the best person that they could be.

According to Rachel, this stemmed from 12 key qualities, including the most basic of traits, such as good manners to more complex ones including ambition, time management and being yourself. Such traits seem simple, however when executed well, can bring the best out in ones self.

becg | WinGS from BECG on Vimeo.

At various points during the session, every woman around the table was Rachel. She emphasised the importance of doing anything and everything in life with the right attitude and utmost passion, whether it is fulfilling your work role, aiming for that promotion or being a mother. Point being, the right approach would take you a long way. People rub off on infectious and positive personalities, and that was the recipe to being the best person you could be. Rachel also shared some of the hurdles, which held her back in achieving her goals, yet later became a turning point for moving forward and establishing a successful business.

The interaction between those around the table was fantastic, with everyone commenting on how valuable having a women’s network was for the company and more specifically, themselves. It was inspiring to be surrounded by so many women supportive of each other. It goes without saying that this wasn’t about celebrating one woman’s success over another, rather celebrating every woman’s success.

Moving forward, we anticipate more WinGS sessions with other inspiring women coming to talk to us about their journey and experiences, as well as having men in the company getting involved and continuing to support such initiatives.

Overall, it was great to be at the inaugural WinGS event, which has left all of us feeling very inspired and empowered.


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Priya Shah


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