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Getting Started in PR: the AE perspective

Pamela Nwogbe is part of BECG’s Public Relations team, and after completing a BA (Hons) degree in Public Relations and Communication earlier this year, she dived straight into work at BECG and is keen on developing her PR skills further.

During my studies at university, I realised the perception of a company is vital in today’s world of mass media and social platforms, and PR, as a discipline, is central to both the reputation of our clients, and to influencing opinion and behaviour among their consumers.  

I joined BECG in September, and since then, I’ve been involved in a huge range of projects, contributed to lots of team and client meetings and conducted different forms of research, from looking into upcoming events to tracking client coverage using our press clippings service, Gorkana. No two days are the same – one day I’ll be producing and distributing press releases to key journalists and creating blog posts for clients, and the next I’ll be working with our clients’ social media accounts in order to create the best possible buzz for their brands.

I have quickly learnt that prioritising tasks and ensuring I am on top of all my deadlines is a key skill in this industry. In PR, being organised is key to delivering results for clients, and although I’m still in the early days of my career, I am already establishing good ways of managing my time, and ensuring I keep on top of to-do lists. This usually involved writing absolutely everything down, because in such a fast paced environment, it would be very easy to miss something.

However, this life hack hasn’t helped with another challenge I faced during my first week. Not only have I had to take in the names of each client contact and the people that I work with every day in the PR team, I’ve also tried to pay attention to the people that work for BECG in other disciplines and offices across the UK.  Almost 100 people that work across the UK at BECG, so I think it is going to take me a few more weeks to remember everyone!

I really am enjoying working with my team at the moment and I can honestly say I’m surrounded by great people. A good team, with a good bond, makes the job 10 times better. Everyone is friendly, and they are always available to lend a helping hand. I’m pleased that I have been given quite a lot of responsibility and I feel that I make an important contribution to the client accounts that I work on. I’m really enjoying my journey with BECG and would certainly recommend it as a great place to work!

To find out more about working at BECG or to view our current vacancies, visit the careers page here.

Pamela Nwogbe


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