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B2B insurance communications needn’t be Boring2Boring

Marketing, at the end of the day, is about communicating with humans – whether in the B2B or B2C space – emotions and personality should still be shining through the creative and language being used.

Where previously B2B comms could be tagged as formal, corporate and dull, nowadays, a shift is taking place to a realisation that although we’re targeting businesses, we’re still talking to people.

Showcasing the team behind an insurer

Our client Ageas, known for their personal touch, ease of business and quality claims service, wanted a stand-out B2B content marketing campaign that resonated with brokers, ensuring they’re seen as the ‘go to’ insurer and being front of mind when brokers are looking to serve their customers.

It could be said that insurance industry communications, and more specifically B2B communications, can be drab and quite monotonous – usually consisting of dry product and service updates – and that engaging content can be few and far between.

However, Ageas were intent on launching a campaign that helped to convey an internal philosophy, and one that made an impact with brokers and cut through the noise.

Taking it to the people

We knew that to really stand out, Ageas’ personality needed to shine through – with the human touch outweighing the business talk.

It was essential that the campaign reinforced Ageas’ personal relationship with brokers and demonstrated that they are there to support the brokers’ business wherever possible, emphasising that ‘behind every great broker, there is a great insurer’.

In a similar vein to an F1 pit crew or a film production team, Ageas operate as the brokers’ crew – being able to provide the products, tools and service support – so that brokers can concentrate on delivering the best possible business for their customers.

From this, ‘the crew behind you’ ethos was born.

To launch the campaign and associated message in a light hearted and engaging way, we produced a short film.

Furthermore, a suite of useful content was created and shared across LinkedIn, Twitter and email (yes… still a popular channel!), designed to support brokers and their business.

A ‘meet the crew behind you’ mini-series of 45 second videos introducing the crew were also produced, featuring Ageas staff, key contacts that brokers would know, to reinforce the personal touch.

The ‘human’ impact

Ageas have been able to inform, educate, entertain and delight brokers, with the campaign generating significant engagement to-date.

Brokers’ feedback over the last year confirms that our ‘crew behind you’ campaign is delivering more business, not necessarily because it’s innovative, but because it credibly personifies our approach to insurance.

Every element of our ‘crew behind you’ campaign recognises that brokers (and customers) need the right information – relevant, clear, and timely – but they also want a great team of people to work with, too. Better business depends on this.

Adam Roberts


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