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Amy's flying high for The Brain Tumour Charity

Amy McNeill is Head of HR & Operations at BECG and on the 21st September she is undertaking a skydive along with nine other colleagues from BECG to raise much needed funds and awareness for one of BECG’s two chosen charities, The Brain Tumour Charity.       

Here she explains why she wanted to do the skydive and why the charity is so important to her. 

Why have you chosen to take part?  

My daughter was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour when she was 3 weeks old, so this is a cause really close to me. We watched our little girl go through two years of experimental chemo, because there weren’t any known treatments available. We live in one of the most prosperous, developed countries in the modern world but my new-born had to be a ‘guinea pig because research into brain tumours in this country is so underfunded, even though they kill more children and young people than any other cancer.  

We were turned away by a GP twice in the same week she was diagnosed, because he didn’t recognise the symptoms and our story is far from unique in that respect. It’s just not good enough and The Brain Tumour Charity are doing something about improving it, and making real progress but I want to help them do that quicker so more people with brain tumours are diagnosed early enough to give them a better outcome and get the treatment they need to stay alive longer.  

How are you feeling about jumping out of the plane?  

I’m actually trying not to think about it! I’m excited, but obviously it’s a long way down so I’m pretty nervous! Jumping out of a plane is nothing in comparison to what a child with a brain tumour has to face daily to survive so I’m using that as my motivation.  

What’s your sponsorship target? 

I am hoping to hit £500, and I’m over halfway already 

As BECG’s Head of HR, are you proud to see nine other colleagues taking the plunge?  

I’m so proud. Supporting this cause is so important to me and my family in my personal life, so looping it in with my work life and being supported by the people here is a truly great feeling. It’s camaraderie of the best kind, for the best reason. And it’s not a small deal; jumping out of a plane, so I am appreciative of everyone throwing themselves into it!  

If you would like to sponsor Amy’s skydive please visit her Just Giving page. 100% of the  funds raised by Amy will go to support The Brain Tumour Charity’s work.  

Amy McNeill


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