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All the Best Mrs Hinch

With thousands of wannabe bloggers, vloggers and influencers trying to get noticed everyday with unique spins on content, it is a surprise that every niche, topic and trend hasn’t already been monopolised. However, of recent months, one unexpected profile has stumbled upon instafame by just being a lover of cleaning.

@MrsHinchHome has seen herself attract over 1 million followers on Instagram and with #HinchArmy attracting over 40,000 Insta posts and #MrsHinchMadeMeDoIt totalling 24,000 posts, it is safe to say that this hairdresser from Essex has swept the nation in to a cleaning frenzy.

So, why is everyone so obsessed with Mrs Hinch’s cleaning chores?


The self-taught cleaning pro has created a true online community, creating trust with her followers by sharing honest reviews of her cleaning products to become the ultimate influencer. Many of the products that Mrs Hinch promotes are affordable, making it accessible for people to follow her tutorials and become part of the #HinchArmy. As such, thousands of images have been shared by followers showcasing their latest #HinchHaul of exact product matches to those recommended.

Naturally, Mrs Hinch’s go-to retailers such as Poundland, B&M and Pound Stretchers have all jumped on the popularity with product placement of the firm favourites of Zoflora, Cif and Bloo having more prominence in stores. Due to the frenzy, it is no surprise that most Hinch recommended products are selling out at a rapid rate especially the sought-after, cleaning pad ‘Minkeh’ which is as rare as gold dust and resulted in the #HinchArmy crashing Amazon when the first batch was released!

But, most importantly, Mrs Hinch has connected with her followers on a deeper level. This is reflected through her frequent sharing of stories from followers about how cleaning has helped them tackle their anxiety and depression, offering them a sense of focus and acting as an outlet for their issues.


Buddy, Dave and Vera

The content shared by Mrs Hinch connotes realness due to the posts shared not being of highest quality with limited editing used, something that is becoming more and more of a rarity on Instagram with heavily edited content. Her Instagram posts are simple with images and videos captured using her iPhone creating a genuine feel to her profile.

On her live stories, Mrs Hinch speaks to her audience from the heart as though all followers are her best mates and they are all on this journey together. She is also constantly encouraging others to share their own cleaning tips, products and homes, again creating a real sense of community.

Her bubbly personality captured online is also endearing with Mrs Hinch introducing her fans to her ‘family’ of cleaning items including Buddy, the microfibre cloth, Dave the duster and Vera the mop, making cleaning less of a chore but more of a hobby.

Clockwise cleaning

Not only is clockwise cleaning another tip from Mrs Hinch (check out her highlights to learn more!), she also shares stories on her Instagram around the clock. Although her grid on Instagram isn’t the most drawing and is no competition compared with other influencers, her Instagram stories are what hooks her fans especially when awaiting the next release of ‘Minkeh’.

With Instagram stories being shared almost upon the hour, Consistency really has been the clincher for Hincher. Followers never have to go too long without the next cleaning tip or product recommendation, allowing her audience to recognise her as a brand and get accustomed to returning to her profile for more guaranteed content.

With, social media arguably being the most powerful channel for product recommendation, the sudden success of Mrs Hinch on Instagram shows the control influencers can have on the rise of a brand. So, if Mrs Hinch keeps focused on buffing, shining and de-scaling then her future online looks pretty sparkling…until the next frenzy anyway!

As Mrs Hinch would say…’All the Best’
Emma Cox


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